Breakfast Program

The Breakfast Program is operating at peak performance at SMEC/A. Our dedicated staff and student helpers have continued the daily program routines of delivery to the Grade Primary to Grade 6 classrooms including a snack basket. These baskets are replenished on an as needed basis. They contain granola bars, fruit cups, crackers and other snack foods. The second floor Grade 7 to Grade 12 breakfast station is stocked, supervised and available daily.

As a school community we place great emphasis on consciously providing nutritious options focusing on achieving all major food groups. Creating and fostering community connections through our breakfast programming will provide students with special breakfast opportunities. The local detachment of the RCMP, fire department, and sport and recreation departments plan to provide hot breakfast opportunities throughout this academic year.

If you would like to make a donation or volunteer with our breakfast program please contact the school at 902-522-2035.